A patriotic statue of a man on horseback, surrounded by flags, stands proudly in Santiago, Chile.

Ever Wondered What to Do in Santiago?

Exploring the historical and cultural attractions in Santiago

When exploring Santiago, a visit to the Historic Center and Plaza de Armas is a must for those interested in the city’s rich history and architecture[1].

Plaza de Armas, a central square in Santiago, offers a glimpse into the city’s past and present, surrounded by iconic buildings such as the Cathedral, Central Post Office, Museum of Arts, and the Royal Palace[2].

This historic center is part of the Santiago Patrimonial route, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the capital’s cultural heritage by exploring sites like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Casa Colorada[3].

Many Santiago tours combine a visit to the historic center with a cable car ride to San Cristóbal Hill, providing a comprehensive experience of the city’s historical and natural landmarks[4].

For art enthusiasts and history buffs, a visit to the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts is a must-do activity in Santiago[5].

Located in the heart of the city, this museum is a major center for Chilean and South American art, showcasing a diverse collection of paintings and sculptures[6][7].

Things to do in Santiago (가이드 받기 공식 웹사이트)

Things to do in Santiago (비아토르 공식 홈페이지)

The museum offers visitors a direct glimpse into Chile’s artistic heritage and cultural essence through its carefully curated exhibits[8].

Travelers can enhance their experience by joining a guided tour or a small-group panoramic Santiago tour to delve deeper into the museum’s offerings[9].

Exploring the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the local history and artistic talent that has shaped the country’s cultural landscape.

To immerse oneself in Santiago’s vibrant street art scene, a visit to neighborhoods like Bellavista is highly recommended[10].

Known for its colorful and dynamic urban art, Bellavista offers a unique outdoor gallery experience for art enthusiasts and curious travelers alike[11].

The neighborhood’s streets and corners are adorned with striking murals and graffiti, attracting visitors from around the world[12].

Santiago’s underground graffiti scene adds to the city’s artistic charm, with an abundance of eye-catching murals that reflect the local culture and creativity[13].

Exploring Bellavista and other areas of Santiago unveils the city’s artistic soul, providing a visual feast for those seeking to discover the intersection of art, 문화, and urban life in Chile[14].

Experience the invigorating mountain breeze of Cajon de Maipo on a comprehensive day trip from Santiago, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. Explore the stunning Embalse el Yeso lake, traverse the Tinoco Tunnel, and discover even more captivating sights along the way.

Enjoying outdoor activities and natural beauty in and around Santiago

For those seeking breathtaking panoramic views of Santiago, a hike up Cerro San Cristobal is a must-do activity[15].

As you ascend the hill, you are treated to a gradual and stunning view of the city, making the journey itself a memorable experience[16].

At the summit, a statue of the Virgin Mary awaits, offering visitors a chance to marvel at the spectacular panoramic view of the city and the majestic Andes Mountains[17].

Various tours and activities, such as the Private Santiago City Half Day Tour or the Panoramic Santiago Bike Tour, provide different ways to explore and enjoy this iconic landmark[18].

Escape the bustling city life of Santiago with a day trip to the Andes Mountains, offering opportunities for skiing or hiking adventures[19].

Companies like AndoAndes provide guided tours for a memorable experience in the Andes, allowing travelers to witness the natural beauty and grandeur of the mountains[20].

캐시백이 포함된 저렴한 항공편 (웨이어웨이 공식 홈페이지)

Whether you are interested in observing condors, stargazing, or exploring ski resorts, a day trip to the Andes promises a diverse range of activities and experiences[21].

The Andes Mountains serve as a perfect backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for horseback riding, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits[22].

Santiago boasts a plethora of parks and gardens, providing tranquil spaces for relaxation and exploration[23].

Parque Metropolitano, one of the most beautiful and well-maintained parks in South America, offers visitors a chance to unwind amidst lush greenery and serene surroundings[7].

Within the park, attractions like the Santiago Teleferico cable car and Funicular provide unique ways to enjoy aerial views and access the summit of Cerro San Cristobal[15].

Whether you choose to stroll through the park, climb to the top, or ride the funicular, Parque Metropolitano offers a peaceful retreat from the city[24].

Explore Cousiño Macul, a historic winery boasting over 150 years of winemaking expertise. Take a guided tour of the vineyards, cellars, and museum, culminating in a delightful wine-tasting experience.

Indulging in the culinary delights of Santiago

When visiting Santiago, one cannot miss the opportunity to taste traditional Chilean dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of the region.

From savory empanadas filled with pino to the delectable pastel de choclo, the local cuisine offers a delightful array of flavors and textures[25].

Empanadas, a popular snack in Chile, come in various forms, with empanadas de pino (filled with minced meat, onions, eggs, olives, and raisins) being a must-try[26].

On the other hand, pastel de choclo, a corn pie typically filled with Pino, showcases the sweetness of corn combined with savory ingredients like garlic, onion, and hard-boiled eggs[27].

These dishes provide a glimpse into the traditional flavors of Chile and are a treat for the taste buds[28].

In addition to savoring the local cuisine, exploring the nearby vineyards and sampling Chilean wines is a must-do activity in Santiago[29].

Things to do in Santiago (가이드 받기 공식 웹사이트)

Things to do in Santiago (비아토르 공식 홈페이지)

Chile is renowned for its wine production, with the country’s vineyards offering a diverse selection of high-quality wines that cater to various preferences[30].

Visitors can embark on wine tours to top wineries near Santiago, such as those in Maipo Valley, Aconcagua Valley, Casablanca Valley, and Colchagua Valley, to experience the rich viticultural heritage of the region[31][32].

These tours provide an immersive experience, allowing guests to taste a range of local wines and learn about the winemaking process firsthand[33].

For those interested in exploring the vibrant food scene of Santiago, a visit to food markets like Mercado Central is a must[34].

Mercado Central is a celebrated fresh fish market in Santiago, recognized by National Geographic as one of the top food markets globally[35].

This bustling market offers a wide selection of fresh seafood and local produce, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts looking to sample authentic Chilean flavors[36][37].

Visitors can indulge in fresh seafood dishes prepared on-site, providing an immersive culinary experience that captures the essence of Chilean cuisine[38].

Discover the stunning Cajón del Maipo Valley with a guided excursion from Santiago. Immerse yourself in the volcanic hot springs and savor a traditional Chilean BBQ dinner under the starlit sky.

팁과 모범 사례

**Explore the Historic Neighborhoods**Santiago is home to several charming and historic neighborhoods like Bellavista, Lastarria, and Barrio Italia.

Take a walking tour to discover the unique architecture, street art, and local boutiques in these areas.

**Visit the Mercado Central**Don’t miss the Mercado Central, a bustling market where you can sample fresh seafood dishes and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Chilean culture.

Try traditional dishes like ceviche or seafood empanadas.

**Take a Day Trip to Valparaiso**Consider a day trip to Valparaiso, a colorful port city known for its bohemian vibe and street art.

캐시백이 포함된 저렴한 항공편 (웨이어웨이 공식 홈페이지)

Explore the steep hills, ride funiculars, and enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

**Hike in the Andes Mountains**Outdoor enthusiasts can take a day trip to the Andes Mountains for hiking, skiing, or simply enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Head to destinations like Cajón del Maipo for outdoor adventures just a short drive from Santiago.

**Sample Chilean Wines**Chile is famous for its wine regions, and Santiago is a great base for exploring nearby vineyards.

Take a wine tour to the Maipo Valley or Casablanca Valley to taste world-class wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere.

Travel to the Pacific Coast during this day trip from Santiago. Explore the vibrant city of Valparaiso and the charming resort town of Vina del Mar. Discover the picturesque Casablanca Valley, known for its white wines, and relax on the beautiful beach in Reñaca.

자주 묻는 질문

큐: What are some must-visit historical and cultural attractions in Santiago?

ㅏ: In Santiago, make sure to visit the Historic Center and Plaza de Armas, explore the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts, and experience the vibrant street art scene in neighborhoods like Bellavista.

큐: What outdoor activities can I enjoy in and around Santiago?

ㅏ: You can hike up Cerro San Cristobal for panoramic views of the city, take a day trip to the Andes Mountains for skiing or hiking, and relax in the parks and gardens of Santiago, such as Parque Metropolitano.

큐: What culinary delights can I indulge in while in Santiago?

ㅏ: In Santiago, you can taste traditional Chilean dishes like empanadas and pastel de choclo, sample local wines from the nearby vineyards, and explore food markets like Mercado Central for fresh seafood and local produce.

Things to do in Santiago (가이드 받기 공식 웹사이트)

Things to do in Santiago (비아토르 공식 홈페이지)

큐: How can I get around Santiago efficiently as a tourist?

ㅏ: Tourists in Santiago can use the efficient and affordable metro system, opt for taxis or ride-sharing services, or consider walking in areas with pedestrian-friendly streets.

추가적으로, guided tours and bike rentals are available for exploring the city.

큐: Are there any festivals or events in Santiago that are worth experiencing?

ㅏ: Santiago hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, such as Fiestas Patrias (Chilean Independence Day celebrations), Santiago a Mil (international performing arts festival), and Vendimia (wine harvest festivals).

These events offer a unique cultural experience for visitors.


Santiago offers a rich tapestry of historical, cultural, outdoor, and culinary experiences for visitors to enjoy.

From exploring the city’s historical landmarks and vibrant street art scene to immersing oneself in the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains and relaxing in the city’s parks, Santiago has something for everyone.

추가적으로, indulging in the local cuisine, from traditional dishes to sampling Chilean wines, provides a delicious way to experience the city’s culture.

Whether you’re a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, foodie, or all of the above, Santiago has endless opportunities for a memorable and fulfilling visit.

So, next time you find yourself wondering what to do in Santiago, rest assured that the possibilities are as diverse and exciting as the city itself.

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Things to do in Santiago (가이드 받기 공식 웹사이트)

Things to do in Santiago (비아토르 공식 홈페이지)

캐시백이 포함된 저렴한 항공편 (웨이어웨이 공식 홈페이지)

여행용 압축 포장 큐브 (아마존)

베스트 셀러 여행 가방 (아마존)


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